We can't express this enough as we always have, shoes should be worn at all times, shower ASAP after training and wash your GI as soon as you get home.


Due to the limits Governor Abbott placed, the shower will be closed for use.  We encourage everyone to make sure you use the restroom before arriving at the academy if able, especially youth students.  The only restroom available for use will be the academy restroom. 


Front desk staff will be wearing a mask, when taking temperatures and distributing hand sanitizer. We will not require students to wear a mask when training. However, if you feel more comfortable doing so you are welcome to.

1.) Sign-up for the class using the Mindbody App ahead of time. We will have a class limit of 8. Max of two students per 6 feet square which would include family member/designated partner.



2.) Students should arrive in their GI ready for class. Parents please walk your son or daughter to the Academy door. Only the student will enter the Academy. If a line begins to form, please keep a minimum distance of 6 feet from the person in front of you.



3.) Students will immediately receive hand sanitizer and temperatures will be taken. Temperatures from 99.6 F and above, will not be allowed to attend class.


4.) After temperature is approved, the front desk will provide a designated training space. Proceed into the mat area and look for the designated training space on the floor to remove your shoes and on the shelf to place any belongings. Please note to bring as little with you as possible. Proceed to your designated area. Feel free to take water with you to your area to avoid having to go off the mats once class starts. 

5.) When class is finished, students will be released one at a time by training area allowing time between each group. Parents please wait in the hallway for your child/children and please stay a minimum of 6 feet apart. Front desk staff will distribute hand sanitizer as students leave the Academy and make sure youth students safely make it to their parents in the hallway.

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