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What's a great place! I travel a lot and always try and train at different schools. When I called the school the staff was super friendly and provided the info I request. When I walked in the staff remember my name from the call which really impressed me. The school is every well designed and very organized and super clean. Everyone came up to me and greeted me and showed me great respect at the school. I felt like I was training at home and felt like I was part of the family. Professor Marcos is very nice and I really enjoy his class and also his Philosophy of jujitsu and how he shares that with his students. You can see and feel his passion when he teaches his class. I am a black belt in BJJ and If you are looking for a high quality BJJ school in the area I highly recommend this place. You will not be disappointed. I will definitely continue to come here when I am in the area.

-Felipe A.

Thank you for your interest in Brazil-021 Houston!


You might be asking yourself, "What's next and what should I expect?" We offer a trial to students who are new to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or to those who have experience and are looking for a new Academy to train for whatever life circumstance.


Choosing a Martial Arts Academy is no easy task! It is important that you find one that meets your expectations and goals! There are many variables that go into choosing a school, for example, do you agree with the academy philosophy, do you feel comfortable in the environment for both you and your family, do you agree with the messages that are past to the students and most important, is it a safe! These are all important aspects to take into account when choosing the martial art school that is the best fit for you and your family! Especially if you have no experience in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or if you are looking for your children!


With all that in mind, that is why we offer a trial to potential students who are looking to join our family here at Brazil-021 Houston. That way you have the opportunity to see what we offer as a martial art school. Within the trial we will also schedule a consultation to discuss all of our pricing options. We have variety of training packages that fit most budgets!


We welcome all levels, starting from the age three. If you have not done so already, take a look at our programs page, there you will be able to read about each program we offer as well as the philosophy behind each class.

Below are our most frequently asked questions. If your question was not answered email us here or give us a call at 832-377-1909! If you are ready for your first class, book your trial below!

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