His passion, his love, his soul wraps around “The Science of Eight Limbs” Muay Thai martial art. Every elbow, knee, kick, and punch thrown focuses on enhancing the techniques developed for using the body as a weapon. He has studied abroad and completed the training program at the world-renowned Fairtex Gym and Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand. In the last 15 years of practicing martial arts, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are the two martial arts he finds the most rewarding.  His passion for martial arts started when he was a teenager, where he studied the form of karate known as Kyokushin. He then moved on to study Kuk Sool Won for six years. In, 2014 he began teaching Muay Thai and his life change forever. Muay Thai gives hime the opportunity to train, still learn and educate others with martial arts.  All of this is for his devotion; his other passion is a little brown haired cutie that he has the privilege of calling his daughter, Aubrey.  

'' I build my outer strength while she gives me my inner strength.  She gives me the courage to continue and the desire to become a better student, teacher, and father.  For her, I strive to never maintain only improve."  

-Franco Valdez

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