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We have a variety of pricing options to accommodate most individuals and families. We have contract rates, no-contract rates and packaging rates! Each package is designed to fit the needs of each family or individual. Read about more our pricing options below! 



How to choose which training package is right for me?

No Contract Rates

Our no-contract rates are targeted to the student who wants to train consistently but does not want to be tied to a contract. All payments are made monthly, valid for one month and can be canceled at any time. 

Package Rates 

Our Packaging rates are for those who do not want a recurring payment but want to train! Perfect for those who have a busy schedule can only attend classes once a week. Classes are bought in bulk and have different expiration dates bases on how many classes are bought in the package. Our packages come in groups of 8, 16 or 24. Packages can be shared within the same household. For example, if you have two children who both like to attend classes, a package of 16 would give them 8 sessions each. 

8 Sessions (valid 2 months from the purchase date) $23.00/Class 

16 Sessions (Valid 3 months from the purchase date) $22.00/Class

24 Sessions (Valid 5 months from the purchase date) $21.00 Class 

Contract Rates

Contract rates are for those students who are in for the long hall. Our contract terms are 6-months and we do offer a price break to those who are committing for the 6-months. 

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