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IBJJF Back to Houston in 2019 for both Youth and Adults!

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

IBJJF announced that not only will they be returning to Houston in 2019 for the Houston Fall Open, but they will also bring a youth tournament to Houston!

IBJJF Houston Fall International Open

IBJJF released for the fist time that there will be a Houston Fall International Open schedule for October 20th. If you are interested in competing please make sure you speak with Professor Marcos before registering.

Also, the tournament will fill up fast when registration opens. If you would like to compete, sign up as soon as possible after speaking with Professor. Take advantage of the cheaper registration as well!

IBJJF Houston Kids International Open

For the first time ever IBJJF will bring a youth tournament to Houston and are we excited! If your son or daughter has shown interest in competing this will be a great opportunity. If you have a student who is interested, speak with Professor Marcos about registering for the tournament!


June 22, 2019


T.J. Engram Gymnasium 10721 Mesa Drive Bldg-C Houston, TX 77078


$94.00 (USD) until May 17th, 2019 $104.00 (USD) until June 14th, 2019 * registration fee includes one (1) free event shirt

Spectator Entrance Fee Free

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Ava Bryan
Ava Bryan
Sep 12, 2021

Loved reading thiis thanks

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