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Unleashing the Benefits of BJJ Competition: Why It's Worth the Fight

We highly recommend every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner tries competing at least once. Stepping onto the competition mats forces you to allow yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable, providing unmatched benefits that will turbocharge your skills.

For children, the experience of competing builds invaluable life skills beyond just the physical. It teaches them goal-setting, dedication to training, sportsmanship, and how to cope with pressures in a controlled environment. Winning or losing, they learn resilience and how to handle themselves with poise and humility.

Competition forces you to learn at an accelerated pace by facing fully-resisting opponents and adversity head-on. You'll quickly identify holes in your game that can't be seen from just drilling at your home gym. Facing and overcoming that adversity is what forces true growth.

Having an imminent tournament requires laser-focused, dedicated training. You'll push yourself harder than ever during drilling and sparring to ensure you peak at the perfect moment. The adrenaline rush of competing in front of audiences will motivate you to perform at the highest level through fatigue and being uncomfortable.

The sacrifices made to prepare for competition forge an indestructible camaraderie with your teammates. Encouraging each other, lifting spirits after losses, and celebrating hard-earned victories together creates a transformative bond that extends far beyond the mats.

While the sacrifice, discomfort, and adversity of competition understandably isn't for everyone, we encourage all practitioners to experience it at least once. The dedication required accelerates your skills rapidly. Allowing yourself to be comfortable being uncomfortable and facing that enables you to reach uplifting heights you may have never known possible.


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